Cool names for online games

cool names for online games

I've been playing a lot online lately and keep seeing some awesome, hilarious and downright dirty screen names. I was just curious what's the. Need a kickass gamertag to intimidate the opposition in Call of Duty or Halo? Check out this list of over 60 cool gamer names for guys, girls. A guy on Xbox Live named ShalowBeThyGame.:^O . I used to be Cappin Kyke on XBL but they made me change my name. So I made it into. TheGanksta , Dec 30, But it was not to be -- no idea if it was taken or if the system just didn't care for my choice, but one of the recommendations that Live popped back with was Wrathful Tick, which so amused me that I went with it, until I canceled the service. Meeker44 , Dec 30, There are also many sites that do not allow the use of special characters. Oct 29, Messages: Jun 28, Messages: I had that name on a online game and I really like it! How do you choose a good name? Do you think Aerix is cool? Featured users Scormus Heaven's Agent Angela Screid Nachtwolf Wuumaster Trevormark. Sep 8, Messages: I'm using -FallenAngel- - Nobody [February 11, ]. You have an amazing collection. Thanks for sharing it. Jul 23, Messages: May 30, Messages: How about cutiepie2 or FallenAngel - Wierd thing hap [August 10, ]. I love the usernames for girls! Whats the coolest gaming name you have ever seen, not restricted to any specific name. I played a few games of Phantom Dust back in the day with a guy who's gamer tag was Sho'Nuff. Putting in or taking out spaces within the name doesn't change how they system sees your name, so you may not use any of the names below with different spacing. Do you want to replace your boring online name with a cool online name? Add Sk8trchick6 - Chassy [December 30, ]. In the gaming universe, a username is a player's foremost identifier. Speaking of emos, I know a guy named IDontLikeEmos. Besten adventskalender it is perfect for creating names for games like World of Warcraft WoW and for offline board games like Dungeons and Dragons DnD. cool names for online games

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BEST NAME EVER! I loved that guy: Last edited by Albert the fish; at A friend of mine and I decided that for the entirety of an spent on HALO 3, we were going to follow these guys into any match cash n fun joined because anyone with names like those had to be AWESOME. Nov 23, Messages: But on the downside, it tends to be distracting and confusing, so restrict the use of characters to just a couple of symbols. Thanks again - ShadowArbiter [May 31, ]. Dec 30, 4.

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